The Unsinkable

By Lucia Fennell, 2nd Year

Object No 89 'Titanic' launch ticket, 1911
Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

As I left Belfast on the 10th of April 1912

by myself

with the other 3,326 people on board

as I roared

to my friend underneath

from County Meath

farewell I said

then I went to find my bed

I had to share cabin with a man named John

and his friend Ron

I had a third class seat

but it was sweet

because I was on the Titanic

it was gigantic

it was all great

I even made some mates

until the 15th of April at 12:40 o`clock

I was at the dock

she began to sink

as fast as a blink

I jumped into the water

that cold, miserable seawater

That still is my  grave.

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  • WOW!! Fantastic poem by Lucia Fennell! So poetic

    By Jennifer O' Neill (05/02/2016)

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