Farewell Sestina

By Beibhinn Twomey, 2nd year.

That night the young woman cried as she picked up her suitcase,

At the thought of leaving her family, her country and home.

One final warm embrace with her father and mother,

And before more tears could be shed, she was gone.

As she boarded the ship, to the land of hope and dreams

She tried to smile but her heart was cold as she felt that her love


Was left in the country behind her. Bereft of love

The woman sat awake on the deck upon her suitcase.

As tired as she was, closing her eyes meant facing her dreams

And she knew that they would be about her native home.

Deep into her thoughts, she was adrift and gone,

Facing memories with her lost siblings, father and mother.


Who knows if she reaches foreign shores, she may become a mother?

Only time and courage and can tell if she will love

Another as she loves her cherished Irish home.

She stood up to stretch and lighten the cardboard suitcase,

Looking out to the blue ocean, all land was gone,

Out of sight. The next time she would see home would be in her dreams.


Becoming a small town teacher is among one of this woman’s dreams,

When she reaches her destination, as was her beloved mother.

She wishes to get married, build a small house and make a home.

Somewhere where she make memories to remember and love,

Like the precious photographs, safe in her trusted suitcase.

She looked up into the sky, all the stars had gone


Creating a fresh new canvas, for the sun to enlighten once the night is gone.

Staring into the sky, she placed her head against the suitcase,

And she fell into a deep slumber of heartfelt dreams.

In these dreams, she saw home and at the gate stood her mother,

But this time with a smile on her face showing care and love.

She told her daughter the she wasn’t leaving home,


But, in time this exciting new land will become her home.

She said that they may have parted from each other but their memories weren’t gone.

Nothing could make her forget her mother’s love.

The woman suddenly awoke to a bell, after her dream with her mother,

She stood up to look onto Boston’s busy bay, she picked up her suitcase.


Stepping out onto her new home, full of hope and dreams.

The worries were long gone and memories of her mother

Had filled her with joy and love as she stepped ashore with her suitcase.

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