James Connolly's Shirt, 1916

By Alannah Murray, 5th Year

Object No. 91 James Connolly's shirt, 1916
National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts & History

Edinburgh, a baby’s cry, 

1868 Impoverished Irish exult in pride 

At 14 years to Ire he came, 

fate Adamant never to hide

A spark ignited: soars, dances 

It never flickers low, 

It battles forces and enhances 

forticiation of those of ‘no’

Uniting those opposing foes, 

Stimulating the foreseen future 

With and of men he was keenly chose: 

Pivotal, crucial, leader, Tutor

With each other a fugal bond. 

A bleak, inept location grand, 

Urgently seeking a fierce abscond:

“We serve neither king nor kaiser, but Ireland”

Almost 100 years since Monday dawned 

an ominous snarling, insatiable predator, 

Steadfast, tenacious; beat hastening on 

One of seven, one of three, an eminent letter

Clean white canvas – signs of fatigue 

The lines, the years, the day 

An impact follows far too late, prestige 

The boom gone, memory in quake

Liberty Hall an exceptional token 

It’s seen and thought of still 

They do occur in thoughts awoken: 

Him at Arbour Hill.

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