Object No. 89 'Titanic' launch ticket, 1911
Ulster Folk & Transport Museum

The titanic’s launch ticket is very rare.

This magnificent and incredible ship,

Has an unforgettable story.

The grey fear on the faces of the passengers,

As they jumped into the North Atlantic Ocean,

 Where all these people lost their life.


They all hoped to start a new life.

On board a ship so rare,

Sailing in the vast ocean.

This gigantic ship,

With all its excited passengers,

And there unfolds an unbelievable story.


The worried passengers,

As they boarded the titanic, risking their life.

This epic event is a legendary story.

The titanic’s possessions are beautiful and rare,

An irreplaceable ship,

That shouldn’t have sailed on the eventful ocean.


The cold, big and blue ocean,

Came pouring in as the passengers,

Fled the huge ship,

Running for their life.

To get a ticket and a chance on the ship was extremely rare

And the titanic will always be talked about as an amazing story.


The people’s story,

Why they wanted to sail through the ocean,

On a ship so rare.

The excited faces on the passengers,

As they boarded, it was a new beginning of their life.

But soon, the excited faces went white with fear as the ship


Cracked and sank, soon the indestructible ship,

Formed an outstanding story,

Where thousands lost their life.

In a scary ocean,

With too many passengers

Aboard and a story so true and rare.


Sailed in 1912 on April 15th, an astounding ship,

In a daunting and chilling ocean.

A mind-blowing story,

With 2,224 crew and passengers

The RMS titanic, ended life

For many. The ticket, the ship and adventure was completely out the ordinary and rare.


By Gemma Hurley. 

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