Hope in their heart.

Alan O'Rourke, 2nd year.

Object No. 89 'Titanic' launch ticket, 1911
Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

In April 1912, People watched

As The Titanic set sail

On its maiden voyage,

Across the Atlantic.

The unsinkable Titanic

Got as far as Newfoundland before sinking.


No one on board was thinking about sinking,

But when it happened, they only watched.

As they went down with the Titanic,

The ship built to sail,

They knew their grave would be the Atlantic.


So I wonder at the launch of the voyage,

Was there any mention of sinking?

Did anyone think their grave would be the Atlantic?

Or see their loved ones die, as they watched

From the lifeboats that could sail

Unlike the seabed bound titanic.


Maybe they had faith in the Titanic,

Some even enjoyed what they had of the voyage,

Others had no choice but to set sail,

Away from their lives that were already sinking.

At home, the dying they had watched.

And set out with hope of crossing the Atlantic.


Twenty-six years travelling the Atlantic.

The experienced captain of the Titanic, 

Edward Smith, stood on the deck and watched,

As he steadied the ship on its voyage,

The first class enjoyed a final dance before sinking.

Because as we all know, the ship couldn’t keep a sail.


But maybe it was never meant to sail,

Maybe it was too big even for the Atlantic,

And if it wasn’t for the sinking,

Would we have heard of the great Titanic?

It would have completed its voyage,

From Queenstown to New York as the passengers watched.


People in New York would have watched as the Titanic completed its sail.

As it entered the harbour, completing its voyage across the Atlantic.

The name Titanic wouldn’t even be associated with the word sinking.

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