By Anna Dowley, 2nd year.

(A sonnet about a woman’s regret on keeping a former lovers gorget). 

I prepared for what I alone must end,

Though he took me by surprise and place it,

Gently upon my neck,

where it would sit,

For scores and sores,

then placed where it would blend

Later revealed by a genre unknown,

As on that day I was selfish and free,

Caring ’bout wealth and alas, not for he.

And took the gorget and left him alone.

Conceited was I; did not pass it down,

Took to the mountains and hid it away,

And prayed that the gold would not turn to grey,

With more gold in memory of his frown.

And all I wish is for I to go back,

And repay the respect that I still lack.

Object No. 12 Gleninsheen gold gorget, c.800-700BC
National Museum of Ireland - Archaeology

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