Lamp from River Clyde

By David Kelly, 2nd Year,

As the packed ship left the bay,

Faces dropped, tears rolled.

You could hear the families cries                                               

But every second they faded.                                               

Over-powered by violent waves.                                                

Soon enough the voices had disappeared completely,                  

So had the sight of land,                                           

And all that remained was the sound of soldiers beating hearts,

And heavy breathing.                                                             

Floating in complete silence for quite some time,                  

All that led our way was a light, blinking off and then on,             

Leaving us in complete darkness.                                              

Bang! Sounded in the distance, then another, then another,

They rang out, becoming louder and louder,                               

As we approached a bay of death and destruction,                   

Then the sides dropped,                                                        

And innocent soldiers fled, completely drowned in fear,            

Screams rang out and men dropped, blood sprayed.                   

I ran towards the land, feet slipping, heart beating,                  

Unsure would I ever return….                                                   

From the Bay to Hell

Object No. 90 Lamp from 'River Clyde', 1915
National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts & History,

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