Laced with Hope.

By Emer Perkins, 2nd year.

A lace colour sewn so beautifully,

Like an unknown piece of work by Leonardo de Vinci.

Unheard of as yet!

I was determined by all it would be seen.

Gently, I clasped the collar around my neck.

Inhaling, then exhaling, I went to check

My reflection in the bathroom mirror.


There I saw a stunning creature,

Red dress clung evenly to her body,

Ending in shimmers and ruffles.

In her manicured hands she held a clutch

Which perfectly illuminated her tanned touch.

A high neckline draped across her shoulders

Bringing out her pearled earrings and curled tousles.

Nothing however stood out more than the strongly adorned

Lace collar, which took centre piece.


Purely white embroidered with flowers,

It was an eye catching beauty and would halt an observer,

To wonder and stare openly at the perfection of the master ship.

Sighing contentedly I opened the door, ready for the red carpet!

I strutted down the hallway picking up my suitcase as I left,

Ready for a new life, to change, to turn a new leaf

Time for America.

Time to leave behind my home and loved ones,

Time to start again!


The one thing however, I did not believe

I would leave my lace collar.

Made six years ago in 1906,

Living in my home town Youghal.

Six years, a long time, but not long enough!

It fell off as I exited my house for the last time.

Unknown to me it remained there,

Left behind as a symbol of my hard work,

Left behind, just like my life.


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