By Shauna Costello, 5th Year

Object No. 89 'Titanic' Launch Ticket
Ulster Folk & Transport Museum

There it lay in the palm of my hand, 

A ticket, 

It meant freedom in another land 

Oh,but what I did not see 

My journey would end with not far to see

We all started boarding  one by one 

Best to the top, 

poor to number one, 

Off I go, down below 

The boat started rocking, to and fro,

Run to the top says I, 

And aye, I’ll be free, 

But what? There’s a barrier 

Preventing me! “women and children” 

Shouted from above

I remember my wee babies 

All snug in the cabin 

Unsure of future existence 

An uneasy tension growing 

With nobody knowing

I broke my way through, 

Yet I’m only on number two, 

Down I go, no chance of  

Leaving my babies below 

Down I go,feeling myself slip, I lose my grip

Just feet from my room,  

I try and hurry, but the 

Water is rising and my arms tiring 

I fill my lungs and dive underneath 

Not expecting what I was to meet

Whats this I see? 

My babies are gone from me! 

This man swimming away, one in each arm 

I scream in alarm, I would let him 

Do no harm

I push myself, up,up,up 

I catch their eyes and they stare at 

Me, they scream and shout taking 

In all they see, this is the last 

Time they would see their Daddy

Slippery surface, nowhere to grab 

Will they remember their dear old Dad? 

Best to the top, 

Poor to number one, 

Down below I go..

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