Joint 2nd Prize, Post-primary

Empty Cooking Pot (1845-9)

Object No. 81 Empty cooking pot, nineteenth century
National Museum of Ireland - Country Life

There it stands on the stove 


Without a purpose 

like the withering bodies of the village 

too weak to work. 


A black, rotting fear 

Pulled from the ground, 

destroying all hope. 


And those words on everyone’s lips 

Disease will take us all 

We’re empty

March 17th 

No celebrations, no laughter, no fireside stories 

The magic is gone 

The laughter is gone 

The hunger remains 


A cot stands in the corner 


Another soul, another taken 

Unnoticed by all 

Jealous are those who remain 

We’re empty.

Freedom and salvation 

Luxuries reserved for those 

Who pass through the clouds and sea 

To a foreign land 

Or to the shining gates 

Freedom and salvation

No longer empty.

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