River Clyde lamp

By Rory Moloney, 2nd year

Object No. 90.Lamp from 'River Clyde', 1915
National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts & History,

It’s hard to tell the story 

Of the many men that died 

And of the many that went to Gallipoli 

On the river Clyde 


I was there to guide them 

Where ever their path maybe

 I light the way through night and day 

Till the shores of Gallipoli 


Though their preparation was alack 

And their numbers they were small 

They did not slow down they did not hold back 

But instead stood there tall 


As they eyed up the Turks 

Against their own free will

All their was,was silence 

All previous movement,still


The cry of battle was sounded 

The opposition prepared ahead 

The brave men ran with all their might

And now they lie there dead. 

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