A Ticket's Tale

Sinead O'Donnell Stolz, 2nd year.

’twas a bright day in May, a day before June,

when first that I met her, at just about noon.


The streets were alight with the new ‘risen sun,

her long brown hair, tied up in a bun.


Her smile, so bright, put the strong sun to shame,

laughing with children playing their games.


I could not have been happier, paired up with her.

My love was consuming, like flame in the fir.


She held me tight, so I’d not fly away,

As she knew that water would make me decay.


The ship was a giant, an incredible size,

and everyone watched with hope in their eyes,


as the great ropes were cut and the vessel released,

it was at that moment, the excitement increased.


The ship was to sail across the Atlantic,

That was its purpose, its name was “Titanic”.


“The unsinkable one! There’s no need to fear!”

“Man’s greatest achievement!” I heard them all cheer.


My love spoke of another, another like me,

One that would let her go on and be free.


Near to a year and my love set sail,

I hoped she’d return, but to no avail.


I wished for a clue, I prayed for a sign,

that my love did not perish and die in the rime.


But when no such word came, I knew she was gone.

I could only hope she did not suffer long.


I heard of a few, who made it across,

but like most, I lay here and thought of my loss.


Who could have known that our love would not last,

when she bought me that day,at the launch in Belfast.


Object No. 89 'Titanic' launch ticket, 1911
Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

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