Slave Chain

By Matthew Armstrong, 5th Year

Object No. 39 Slave chain
The County Museum, Dundalk

Iron bands grip my hands

Chains bind me to the wall

Utter darkness steals my sight

Within the ships hull

Although surrounded by my own kind

Loneliness is all I find

Trapped against my will

within the ships hull

Scared to make a sound

Scared of the slavers whip

Scared of what lies ahead

Scared within the ships hull

Gentle lulling of the sea

Like a child rocks me to sleep

In this way I find escape

Escape from within the ships hull

A mighty crash raised voices herd

The slaver calling orders

The doors are opened

Light blinding my darkened eyes

Dragged from within the ships hull

Led in lines

Like black vines

Weaving through the city where no gaze had pity

for the ragged creature pulled from within the ships hull

Stood in place

Face to face

With men who would bargain for me

A crowd of men who will take my right to be free

Wishing I could return to the darkness of the ships hull

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