No Escaping

By Julieanne Williamson, 3rd year.

Clutching their precious tickets in their hands,

They boarded, ready to toil and explore the new land.

Waving at their families with the biggest smiles,

All so excited to leave the Emerald Isle.


Up the elegant staircase, admiring everything on their way,

All so distracted until they heard the captain say:

“You there, yes, all of you, down to third class”

Yet unaware these breaths would be their last.


Third class enjoying céilí and music downstairs,

First class dining on fancy table and chairs.

Nobody warned them about the siren on deck,

They found out themselves by going to check.


All over the ship it was catastrophic,

With men, women and children going chaotic.

The bottom deck trapped, like in a cell,

Now regretting their ticket to hell.


The water rising quickly into the world’s greatest ship,

The bow of the boat everyone trying to grip.

First class upstairs grabbed a lifejacket and a coat

Trying to be the first onto a lifeboat.


Third class left locked down and ignored,

Most dying as in the water poured.

On the 15th of April 1912, women hugged children hoping to fend,

Putting up a fight to what would be their very end.


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