The Light Into Hell

By Andrew Hogan, 2nd year

Object No. 90 Lamp from 'River Clyde', 1915
National Museum Decorative Arts & History

On April twenty fifth nineteen sixteen,

I saw sights I’ve never seen.

The fifth army of Turkey,

And also the Brits,

 Going nowhere,shovelling shit.

 The River Clyde and that ghostly lamp, 

Straight into the Aegean Sea,so cold,so damp.

That eerie light through the straits,

 Sending us and the Anzacs to our fate.

Into quicksand,just my luck,

 To be there like sitting ducks.

Signed up in patriotism with my friends,

I didn’t think it would be a dead end.

Thought it would be over very soon,

But in grim reality we were sent to our doom.

In nineteen sixteen it was the end,

But to many dead were my friend.

I’ve been to hell and back again,

But let me tell you then,

It’s not fire and coals.

It’s cold Turkish sands and lost british souls.

I’ve seen sights I wish I’ve never seen,

If I knew about Gallipoli I would never have been.

By Andrew Hogan 

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