The White Handkerchief

By Jack Harris, 1st year.

Object No. 97 Bloody Sunday handkerchief, 1972
Museum of Free Derry, Bloody Sunday Centre, Derry

Senseless war all around

A young boy lies on the ground

Bullets flying left and right

Cannot tell who’s winning the fight


People running all around

The boy still lies upon the ground

Who will save him, who will come?

There are soldiers all around with guns



Not a savior, just a man

Doing all he possible can

He waves his handkerchief in the air

“Stop you fools, this isn’t fair.”


Gunfire stops, there’s silence all around

The priest approaches the boy still lying upon the ground


With help he lifts the body free

This poor young man, his future he will not see

But the kind act of this brave man

Paused war, with a simple wave of his hand


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