Ballinderry Sword Sestina

By Eolann Dineen, 2nd year.

As the light of the furnace died

The craftsman surveyed his work

He held it aloft, proud

and admiring it’s lethal shape

This iron sword was built for battle

Destined to destroy its foe


News came of an approaching Viking foe

They thought of those who had died

In the last bloody battle

But now they had to set to work

To get the fort in shape

After all, they would fight here or die proud


Warrior and sword rode forward, proud

To face the dreaded foe

This confrontation would shape

The destines of those who had not yet died

But no one could have foreseen the work

Needed to win the battle


Finally, they were triumphant in battle

The victors surveyed the massacre, proud

of their handy work

They had destroyed their foe,

even if many of their own had died

History had taken shape….


….The archaeologist admired the undamaged shape

of the sword oblivious to the battle

that had taken place here, in which so many had died

He announced his discovery, proud

to hold an artefact that had faced many a foe

It had been a great day’s work


He carefully examined the piece of work

It would take some effort to restore it’s rusting shape

Time had been it’s foe,

yet it had not lost the battle

Here it lay resilient, proud

It’s memory had not died


The sword had done it’s work and won the timely battle

Its pristine shape restored and looking out of it’s glass coffin, proudly

Protected form any future foe, a testimony to those who had died.


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