All I Heard

By Ben Geary, 2nd year.

Object No.100 Decomissioned AK47, 2005
National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts & History

All i heard was 

“its as easy as this 

finger off the trigger and slide in the clip 

pull back the hammer and up from the hip 

aim at the target and let it rip”

was it violent?,

Maybe, but it still drove me crazy 

they put more effort in this 

than a new born baby,

but I still can’t trust it 

it was held by a feen 

can’t sleep close my eyes 

I see wicked wicked things.

Its 1987 

I don’t want to go to heaven, 

first a mak 10 now an AK-47 

no one sees i’m not a thug or villain 

if i take a life ill have no interest in living,

but what am i now 

is this all a dream will i wake up 

and see only me 

or will i have to turn around 

hiding a frown and march out the door 

wearing a guilty crown.

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