Armlet-Old Croghan Man

By Conor Buckley, 2nd year.

The Croghan Man's Armlet
National Museum of Ireland - Archaeology

It was the year 175, 

There was a lot to be doing outside, 

Every man was out working, 

They were really thirsty and sweating.

Some people were working and some were fighting, 

I saw a man who was 6 foot 6 inches, 

Two other men were 5 foot 5 inches.

I saw the tall man out minding his own business, 

while the other men couldn’t mind theirs, 

The tall man was called the Croghan Man, 

The mean men approached the friendly Croghan Man.

It was not going to end well, 

The Croghan Man fell, 

He was been fought with swords, 

He was lost for words, 

The Croghan Man was been stabbed on the ground, 

He mightn’t have been found.

The Croghan Man wore an armlet, 

It has been left on him for many years, 

He was violently killed,stabbed,strangled and drowned, 

He was buried in the Croghan Bog.

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