Intel Microprocessor - Objective Irony

By Ben O'Sullivan, 2nd year.

In search of inspiration,

I gazed upon the glowing box of dreams.

Some may brand it as being a computer,

But to me it was so much more than that.


My aspirations were deep, and yet so abysmally profound.

Enough to enigmatize the concepts of any philosopher.

There was a time when I used to doubt the world.

That maybe nobody had an answer to my quarrels.


But then something abruptly occurred to me;

“maybe I can only find the answer within”,

and by that a conclusion was made.

The image of an intel microprocessor came to mind.


It was a small and sleek design,

with a distinct essence of green.

The aspect of its colour can be perceived as an arcane interpretation. 

Ben O'Sullivan
Object No. 98 Intel microprocessor, 1994
National Science Museum at Maynooth,

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