"Don't worry, we'll be together someday."

By Linda Kelly, 1st year.

Object No. 95 Emigrant's suitcase.
National Museum of Ireland - Country Life

The Emigrant’s suitcase

As she packed her tattered suitcase

She packed away her past

Almost twenty years of growing up

It’s sad how time moves so fast.

And as her brother entered,

She tried to smile “It’ll be okay.”

He embraced her, took a breath and whispered.

“Don’t worry we’ll be together someday.”


As she closed the Suitcase’s small tight locks,

Another chapter came to a close.

The book of her life waiting to be written,

This was the path that she had chose.

Her friend was in the kitchen,

Her expression was of dismay.

They exchanged each other’s hopes and best wishes

“Don’t worry we’ll be together someday.”


She clutched the suitcase handle,

And for the last time closed the door.

She would never see her small white cabin,

Her friends, her family no more.

At the end of the road stood her mother,

Her face stained with tears cried the previous day.

“I’ll miss you.” Her Mother said. “With all my heart.

 But don’t worry we’ll be together someday.”


As she boarded the ship’s tiny cabin,

Her bag kept close to her heart.

For her bag was the sole object connecting her to home,

That kept them from falling apart.

And after many days of sailing,

The ship began to see a bay.

It reminded her fondly of those last words,

“Don’t worry we’ll be together someday.”


Sixty Four years have passed since then.

And with her children around her bed,

Her health was deteriorating, failing fast.

They were ready to pronounce her dead.

Suddenly a light began to shine.

As bright as the suns brilliant rays.

Her Irish family were there, waiting and whispering:

“Don’t worry we’ll be together someday.”

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