3rd Prize, Post-primary Level

A Ripple Effect

Object No. 100 Decomissioned AK47, 2005
National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts and History

What is a consequence?

‘The effect, result, or outcome of something occurring earlier’

The word ‘war’ is not in the word consequence

It might as well be though because war

Never ends in anything but



War is black and white,

Although everything is not crystal clear

War is hard

War is misleading

War is blurry

War in the unknown


War was the past,

But still the present and even the future

War is long

War is distance

War is death

War is ammunition


War is watching a mother cry herself to sleep,

After waving her son off port

War is danger

War is ideas

War in invasion

War is frantic


War is the fear of life and death,

The feeling you get when you realise,

The letter in the post is not the one you wanted,

It’s the one you hoped would never come,

The letter you prayed would go to someone else,

Not because you have hatred but because hatred has you grasped by the arm


War is coming back to your homeland,

Though not as the same person that left

War is tears

War is blood

War is confusion

War is years


War is receiving a letter from your soul mate,

Who you last saw clutching your hand in his

War is far

War is near

War is pain

War is silent


War is a medal you are given,

For surviving seven years on a barren land

War is harmful

War is intense

War is fatal

War is grim


The world was stuck at war,

War took over the world.

People have triggered wars,

Wars have triggered the switch on a riffle.

Peace will never begin with wars,

Wars will never end in peace.





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