The Freedom

By Alannah Clarke, 2nd year.

Object No. 91 James Connolly's shirt, 1916
National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts and History

He hears the echoes of th fatal gunshots                             

being fired in the courtyard.                                                  

He hears the simple sounds,                                                

the sounds he took for granted his whole life                          

He waits.


He thinks of the years gone by                                      

Everything he has gone through                                         

Good and bad memories flash by                                             

a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions.                                   

He waits.


He remembers the battlerfield.                                               

the brave soldiers gathered on the streets                             

the constant sound of war                                                     

as the rebels bravely faced the British.                                   

He waits.


He wonders what could have been                                           

If things had been different.                                               

What a life of freedom for                                                     

his country could have been.                                                  

He waits.


And he hears the next gunshot                                              

And he knows it is his turn now.                                            

He is carried out to the courtyard                                          

and he closes his eyes.


He hears.                                                                            

He thinks.                                                                           

He remembers.                                                                      

He wonders.


He thinks of the freedom.                                                    

The freedom he longed for,                                                   

the freedom he is about to die for,                                          

the freedom he hopes his country                                          

will one day have.                                                                  

And the trigger is pulled and                                                   

that is his last thought before the end.                                  

The freedom.

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