Titanic Launch Ticket

By Jamie McGowan, 5th Year

Object No. 89 Titanic' launch ticket, 1911
Ulster Folk & Transport Musueum

I remember it well, 

It was Wednesday 31st May 1911, 

At 12:15pm getting ready to sail,  

With the 2228 other passengers,

The Titanic built by a neighbouring county,  

So big like nothing I had ever see, 

And no stronger than ice, 

Form Southampton we set sail, 

To the lovely New York,

The excitement inside me as I was on the largest ship afloat, 

But little did I know what was coming next, 

It was 11:40pm as I was having a stroll, 

As the ship exploded on the icebergs as if it was an atomic bomb, 

We had it an iceberg, 

That split us in two, 

Screaming and shouting was all I could hear, 

While I was pushed and shoved out of their way, 

I was a lucky one, 

To still be here I am amazed, 

Unlike the many others that couldn’t be saved, 

As it now rests at 12,000 feet.

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