Hugh Ruddy

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Ardnaree, Ballina, Co.Mayo


This successful man provided employment to his native town.

Born in Ballina, Co. Mayo he was educated at the town’s National School plus St. Murdach’s Seminary in Ardnaree, Ballina.

Among the many Associations and businesses he was involved with was Gallagher’s & Co. Ballina, (where his father had been the General Manager.)  Ruddy was the Western Representative for the Company.

Own Company

During 1900 Ruddy began a business of Wholesale and Retail Grocer and Provisions Merchant.  Due to its success he moved to larger premises that in time expanded to include the manufacture and bottling of wines, beverages and mineral waters and spirits.  Following this success Ruddy opened a Motor and Engineering store plus formed a lorry fleet.  He acted as Head of Ruddy & Co.  It was also known as Ballina Mineral Water Company.

Civic Involvement

Hugh Ruddy was a member of Ballina Chamber of Commerce, the Agricultural & Industrial Society, Irish Motor Trader’s Association, Tobacco Distributors Association, also a member of Registered Grocer & Allied Traders Associations.  He was Chairman from 1946 of the River Moy Harbour Commissioners.

He won the title of All – Ireland Cycling Championship. [i]


His daughter Maura inherited his business and ran it while her husband John Feeney acted as PRO.  She had married the Mayo Nightingale John Feeney during 1932. [ii]   Hugh Ruddy’s Company is listed among the businesses in this link in ‘A Stoll Back in Time; [iii]  The  Company is listed among Mayo Companies at this link; [iv]  John Feeney’s Story can be seen on site 101 Mayo People; [v]


Mayo Men’s Association Jubilee Journal 1954 Page 41

[i] Mayo Men’s Association Jubilee Journal 1954





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  • Darach, many thanks for providing this additional information.

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  • Hugh Ruddy (187619/1/1962) married Cecelia Mary Gillespie (Cis) of King Street, Ballina and lived in Ballina House before later moving to the manager’s house in the factory on Knox Street. Children:Eva, Rita (Buckley), Moya (Maura) (Feeney), Margaret (Henry), James, Iris (Connolly).

    By Darach Corcoran (12/04/2019)

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