Find my grandfather

Martin Kneafsey

By Barbara Fitzgerald

I discovered last year when my mother died that her father Martin Kneafsey had been born in Foxford. She had nothing to pass on to me as her parents seperated when she was a baby.I desperately wish to discover who and what my grandfather was and why he left Ireland with siblings to live and die in Yorkshire .My grandfather was born in 1871 and had siblings James Mary,Catherine, Bridget and John.Please if any one living in Foxford has any information I would be so happy to learn more about my origins Last year with my husband David I visited Ireland and was delighted to meet people in Galway who at least knew of the name Kneafsey as when asking some Irish friends they never recognise the surname and i always drew blanks.

This page was added by Barbara Fitzgerald on 01/07/2016.
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Dear Ann ,

David and I will be in Foxford area some time between the 8th and 14th Septenber, I will phone and confirm the exact date, So thrilled to make contact.

Regard Barbara

By barbara Fitzgerald
On 20/07/2017

Anne thank you for Info, I am visiting Foxford in September and would love to meet you

By Barbara Fitzgerald
On 03/07/2017

Ann Lavelle knows this family; that family originated in Belass, Foxford, (across the bridge, Knocmore side.) She went to school with Connie and Getrude. They may have brothers living in Foxford.


By Ann Lavelle
On 14/07/2016