Betty Byrne Kinsella

Betty is one of a group of lifelong friends who refer to themselves as the Three Amigos
Maria McGrane

Betty was born in No 63 St Bridget’s Gardens. She is the youngest of three children. Her Dad was a native of the area and worked as a docker and her Mum haailed from the Gloucester Diamond.

Betty left school at age 13.5 along with other girls of her age, to work in the sewing factory in St James’s St called Andora. She met her husband Eamon when he moved to the area. She was widowed by the age of 20.

She went on and found love again. She has three children two girls and a boy. She is the proud grandmother to 5 grandchildren.

Her happiest memories of Sheriff St was when she was young and my Dad’s shop and all of the other shops, including a chemist, 2 butchers shops 2 vegetable shops to mention but a few were thriving. They had great neighbours then and they still do to this day.

She recalls New Year’s Eve being particularly memorable when one of their neighbours Mr. Douch would stand out in the centre of the flats with his accordion and play for hours. All of the neighbours would come out onto their balconies, despite the cold and sing along. Because the flats were built in blocks that faced each other, each block operated like an amphitheatr. The music and voices ¬†echoed all around and were accompanied by the sky lit up by the exotic fireworks that were set off from the moored ships that were just a street away. Quite a considerable number of the ships were festooned with lights, particularly the larger ones. It was a magnificent sight to behold. It was magical.

Betty still loves her community and the sense of belonging that still lives on there.

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