Our Patchwork Christmas Tree

A family heirloom

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Ciara Murphy
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Ciara Murphy

When I was a small baby my Granny made a patchwork Christmas tree with all different coloured pieces of material. She made two small parcels and embroidered my name ‘Ciara’ on one of them and my cousin’s name ‘Callum’ on the other one. The she sewed them on at the bottom of the tree. My Daddy hung it up on the inside of our patio door as there was a snow scene on the back of it and it could be seen from outside.

Every year after that when a new baby arrived my Granny made a parcel for each one with the baby’s name on it and sewed it on to the quilt. There are now nine parcels, one for my brother James and the others are for my cousins, Aaron, Ben, Mark, Sarah, Conall and Seamus. There is also a parcel for baby Jesus because it is his birthday every Christmas.

At Christmas time we all like to see the quilt hanging on the door. We show it to our friends and they read our names.

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  • Oh what a beautiful quilt, and such a personal one at that..It will live for many a long year. Thank you for sharing it with us ..It has certainly made my day. A very happy and blessed Christmas to you and your family Ciara. Carmel

    By carmel (23/11/2013)

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