The Alphabet as learned in 1940's in Kiltormer NS

By Patsy Hanlon (grandparent)

A is for Arc, a tide you can see,

B is for Bun, we eat at tea,

C is for Cat, with coat of fur,

D is for Dog, we don’t call him Curr,

E is for Egg, we get from the hen,

F is for Fox, going off to his den,

G is for Goat, so full of fun,

H is for Hat, that keeps off the sun,

I is for Ice-cream, ice cream we make,

J is for Jam, jam tarts we make,

K is for Kid, not yet a goat,

L is for Lamb, with a nice soft coat,

M is for Mat, we put on a floor,

N is for Nice, we see on a door,

O is for Oar, to row a boat,

P is for Pen, to write a note,

Q is for Quack, the little duck say,

R is for Rake, to rake the hay,

S is for Sun, up in the sky,

T is for Tear, drops from the eye,

U is for Urne, to make the tea,

V is for Van, which you see,

W is for Web, the spider make,

X is in Fox,

Y is for You, and to find a

Z you have to go to the Zoo.

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