My Grandparents

By Jessica Curley

My Granny is called Mary. She is a Melody and is my Mam’s Mam. She is very kind and is very nice to me, my family, my aunts, my uncles and all my cousins. She cooks lovely food. YUM YUM!! My Uncle Joe lives with her. She cleans the house and cooks for Joe. She is 85 years old. She loves to go out and shop. She also loves to be invited to 21st birthday parties and other special occasions. She is the best granny and do you know what…. SHE’S ALL MINE!!!! I love my Granny.

My Nanny is called Frances. She is a Curley and is my Dad’s Mam. She loves all of us and is really kind to her children and grandchildren. She is able to knit, bake and cook. She has a cat called Patty. She and my Aunty Teresa found her down the yard when she was a kitten. She was originally from Meath but moved to Kiltormer to marry my Grandad. She is the best nanny and guess what….. SHE’S ALL MINE!!!!! I love my Nanny.

I had 2 Grandads but they are now both dead. It would have been lovely to have known them but they both passed away before I was born. Grandad Bobby was my Mam’s Dad and Grandad Patsy was my Dad’s Dad. RIP Grandad Bobby and Grandad Patsy.

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  • Hello Jessica,

    My name is Debby Ras, i’m from Holland. I’m looking for a old friend of mine named Teresa Curley. I’ve been searching all over and i think she must be your aunt. I hope you can help me find her. She contacted me in January last year. I was in the middle of organising my father in laws funeral. After that it took some months before i got back to her. I sent hear mails and telephone messages but no answer. Now i’m so worried. Hope you can give me some information. Thank you in advance!

    kind regards, debby

    By Debby Ras (31/12/2015)

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