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Electric Irish Homes Textile Project
In association with the exhibition 'Kitchen Power: Women's experiences of rural electrification', a group of women in Co. Mayo created a textile project exploring rural electrification in Ireland in the 1950s and '60s.
Textile project participants at the Museum of Country Life
Brian Cregan

The Electric Irish Homes Textile Project is an artist led project commissioned by Age and Opportunity in partnership with the National Museum of Ireland-Country Life.  Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) as part of the Electric Irish Homes Research Project, Kingston University.’

The work that will go on display in the National Museum of Ireland-Country Life was made in response to the theme of rural electrification in Ireland, especially its impact on women.

It is a body of work that captures a sense of the unique and individual voices and reflections on this important and transformative time in Irish life.

The pieces were made by a group of local women under the guidance of visual artist, Anna Spearman, using a range of creative approaches.

The project began with a trip to An Grianán in County Louth, the adult education college of the Irish Countrywomen’s Association. The ICA was a key player in the push for rural electrification. There, participants explored the research material and shared their own experiences and memories. Objects in the collections of the National Museum of Ireland – Country Life provided further inspiration.

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  • Hi Deborah, I don’t have the individual pieces online, although it would be a good idea. I know photographs were taken at different stages to make the video, when I get a chance I will post some images of the work on this page. Thanks for your query.

    By Tom Doyle (04/02/2020)
  • Can these pieces be viewed online?

    By Deborah Maguire (03/02/2020)

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