The Irish Community Archive Network (iCAN) is the leading organisation championing and supporting digital community archives in Ireland.

With much of Ireland’s material, intangible and cultural heritage in the care of its citizens and diaspora, iCAN is empowering local communities to document their own history, heritage and culture on digital platforms and make it accessible to people all over the world.

iCAN was established by the National Museum of Ireland in 2009 and has been developed in partnership with participating local authority Heritage Officers and with support from Creative Ireland.

In 2023, the Heritage Council joined iCAN as a new funding partner, to facilitate an expansion of the initiative.  iCAN has supported the creation of 33 online archives to date in Clare, Cork, Galway, Mayo and Wicklow, with three more archives currently in development.

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  • I am SO grateful for your hard work and dedication to the preservation of our Irish heritage! Blessings to you all!!
    This research and preservation means so much to me and my family as we work alongside of my 87 year old mother who was raised by her Irish grandmother in Michigan, USA, after an early death of her own mother. My mother has been researching her family and trying to find answers for many years. Together with her work, we have found where her family hails from, Treanaglaragh, but I’ve also ran into brick walls in our research.
    Please know how much you are appreciated!!

    By Sandra VanStratt (Hyland, Flannery, Kilgallon) (17/09/2023)

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