Multiple Pins on a Single Map

Multiple Pins / Points of interest on a Single Map
Creating more than 1 point of interest on a MapPress Map

Creating multiple pins / POIs on a simple map is relatively straight forward, in this video I will show you just how to do it.

The use-case for these are very straight forward.

  1. One case would be (as shown in the video) if you wanted to show points of interest on a walking trail, it’s worth noting that you are limited with the information you can put in.
  2. If you’re highlighting field names this type of map would be ideal.

With both cases mentioned above, please note this is for small amounts of detail, if your project requires anything more than a few posts then It might be worth looking at creating a master map with multiple posts.[Click Here for Link to post on Master Maps]

If you have something you’d like us to cover please let us know through the website or you can contact me directly.

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