Instagram Workshop: Part One

This series of iCAN Champions sessions on social media will take place at least once a month and will continue with this informal workshop style. This is a recording of a workshop we did on using Instagram, on Thursday 27th May,

Seeing how others are using social media and being able to ask each other questions a is the reason why this style of workshop works.

“individually we all know little bits but together we know a lot”

In this month’s workshop we had Chloe Ní Mháille to help us out with Instagram and I covered Canva as a design platform. It was a very productive session so it was decided that we should run another one next month to focus in on particular aspects of Instagram, below are some of the topics we covered.

  • The Heart button (likes & interactions)
  • Create a post and add it to your story. (Tagging people, #HASHTAGs & Location)
  • A good workflow if you’re working on your laptop

Other apps mentioned were:

Boomerang  & Layout (both available on in the iOS and Android App Store)

Chloe Kicked off the workshop by introducing herself.

We’ve included timestamps on the videos timeline and in the YouTube description, if you want to go to a specific point in the video then all you have to do is click the timestamp.

If you’d like to be a part of this series of workshops please let us know.


An Example of the timestamp

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