Peter Sheridan's Sister act is a divine comedy with Pluck

Written by Emer O'Kelly
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“Peter Sheridan’s Sister act is a divine comedy with Pluck.” Irish Times article by EmerO’Kelly’s offers us a review of Peter’s play.

In her review,  Emer O’Kelly informs us, that Philo is indeed based on a real person, a friend of his from Sheriff St. She’s had a hard life of trauma beginning with the experience of child sexual abuse at age 12, teenage pregnancy at 15 and an unsatisfactory marriage to an alcoholic and disappointing husband. Her life  as a mother of five children is tough.

O’Kelly says of Philo, “Life’s hasn’t been kind to Philo, but she’s not prepared to give up-not when the future of one of her kids is at stake. If we’re lucky, most of us have met a Philo at some stage in our lives and been enriched by the contact. Now Sheridan has put that enrichment on stage.” She finishes the review with….”Go see. Please go see”

Having seen the play myself I can testify to the Beauty of it. The sisters under the skin relationship between the women is wonderful to behold. Both women, come  from very different lives, one urban and the other from a rural setting struggle with their secret traumas and pain. Their guardedness and gradually increasing trust, as they attempt to connect, despite their exterior facades and defences, is beautiful and poignant to behold and the whole experience is punctuated by hilarious humour.

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