The Wild River

The Wild River

At the mountainous peak a hawk swoops,
To observe a sharp-needled Juniper bush nestling on barren land.
Nearby pure, jaded waters trickle from elevated earthly stones,
Born of the ground and recycled in the formidable smoky sky.
Rams feed from the fountain sheltered by pinnate Ash leaves,
Which flap in the nectar breeze, sprayed from golden luburnham flowers.
Meanwhile the spring erodes with subtle strength,
And steers a downward course passing the hanging spruce by…

At lower lands, shining leathery reflections of the stream
Echo in the festive crimson holly.
The delicate descent drags sediment laden fluid,
And drenches the living woodland turf,
The catkin of the pale leaved hornbeam thrive;
Heather and lilac, lemongrass and rose flourish.

The pebbles are dragged with clanking sound and
Dragonfly soaked banks are formed
Beneath protective Copper Oaks and giant shrubs.
The enslaved minerals bleed sustenance into the land,
Where purple damson, greengage and wild cherry flourish.

The tributary drives on dampening the flat home of the poplars,
Hydrating the dense Creeping Willow and giving life to the Lime’s sunshine flowers.
The unchartered world surrounding it thrives like Eden waiting to be explored…

Yet, should drought, heat and hardship suffocate the cool ripples,
Should stresses dry the pool then the green leaves wither,
The vegetation and cattle shrivel;
A desolate, hopeless desert is all that remains!

But when several streams converge and rains are plentiful,
And waterfalls pour on a turquoise lagoon overseen by emerald, ruby and sapphire big-billed birds.
When tiny springs are nurtured by ancient lakes or mangrove rich bays and the river joins at estuaries,
Then the spring’s potential is realised through the abundance of the ocean
And later its plankton is shared with smaller seas,
Overseen like a new born child, by the wise guidance of the aged moon…….

Valkyriekerry Kelly

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