The Deer: History

The deer she was, so frisky and manipulative too,
Her soft heart held Henry and nothing more would do.
His eloquent wife Catherine was locked in her palace,
To appease the one he worshipped, whose eyes were full of malice.

Defender of the faith turned his back on the Church,
To legally disown his wife a solution he had to search.
The reformation offered an exit but the consequences would be,
Horrendous to Irish Catholics living across the sea.

The monasteries were looted and land and money claimed,
Those who objected were killed, tortured and often maimed,
Even his friend Thomas More was killed for denoting the final truth,
NO king can make themselves Pope or God for he was long in tooth!

Under the Supremacy act he dominated Ireland by force,
Using violence and tyranny to conquest the isle of course.
Without a moment forethought to the years of suffering due,
He waded in without care and killed the deer his love true

Valkyriekerry Kelly

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