Obituary: Dr Willis, Oughterard, 1868

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  • This is fascinating and a very moving obituary of Dr.Robert Willis .A beautiful account of Robert Willis’s life and his connection with the Irish people. Looking at the photograph of Lily, judging by her age and dress in this photo, I wondered if it is more likely to be Dr. Willis’s Grandaughter rather than his daughter. According to the history of Oughterard Golf Club, Lily was one of three sisters, Lily, was the daughter of Robert Willis’s last Son ,Robert Edmond and Ann Hardiman who inherited the Willis Estate when her father dies in 1947. It would be interesting to see for whose wedding the watercolour of The Convent was painted as it claerly states “Wedding ” at the top but the names can not be seen clearly when zoomed in to 500 %.It is a very fine painting.

    By Gail Marsh (22/04/2013)

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