Gargoyle: The Horrors of Irish History


Do you laugh at us Gargoyle?
Your demonic face etched in the stone wall,
Grimacing over the ruined manor.
Centuries of gloating at misfortune.

Do you laugh at us Gargoyle?
Evil spirit blighting potato crop,
Sad, starved farmers evicted in the night,
Envying the Landlord’s glutton and warmth,
As shoeless children submit to the ice.

Do you laugh at us Gargoyle?
Haunting our emotions with bitterness.
Possessing the clergy, turning their backs.
Slamming doors shut on your helpless victims,
Metamorphosing, taking true form;
Influencing mischief in sinful souls,
Destroying the innocent! Cruel whispers.

Do you laugh at us Gargoyle?
Overlooking green pastures with green eyes.
Driving high tides to drown scared fisherman,
Plundering boats as you rain down thunder,
Trashing worker’s small homes with violent floods,
Smashing lobster pots and reels with true glee.
Persuading politicians: Act of God.
No subsidy is given to the poor!

Do you laugh at us Gargoyle?
When the landlord steals the tenant`s new bride?
When conflict grows across social strata?
When violent abuses go unpunished?
When the rich thrive at the poor man’s expense?
When the masses despair and take up arms?
When young men are sacrificed for country?
When freedom fighters are executed?
When charities judge the needy worthless?

Do you laugh at us Gargoyle?
We need no monsters, we are your monsters,
With your sinful shadow corrupting our souls!

Valkyriekerry Kelly

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