Holy Well Antrim town

An ancient Holy Well in the townland of Holywell sits on the ridge overlooking Antrim town and Lough Neagh.

It’s a mineral spring well rich in Iron. Surrounding the site at Holywell, we have a rich Bronze Age built environment,  a souterrain, numerous roundhouses, ring barrows, raths, and a monastery site.

Well site
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Water from the Well
Holy Well Antrim town

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  • I recently cleaned this Well , in doing so I lifted the stone that is pictured here in the confluence of two streams issuing from the Well . The stone is quite remarkable, its edges are thick veins of iron with other veins running through the stone. Various markings appear on the stone, some fossils like others look man made as well as erosion. The stone glitters with chrome like miniature crystals throughout with larger crystals in the lighting bolt shaped fissure in the corner of the stone. It is shaped like a prayer stone , with the stone fitting between two open palms.

    By Terry Mc Cabe (09/12/2022)

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