The marriage of Shipwrights and Lighthouse Keepers.

I come from a family of shipwrights and lighthouse keepers. My great great grandfather, a shipwright, left Kilkenny for Ayrshire, Scotland. He married and after their children were born they relocated to Dundalk. Two of his sons went to the US and appear on a census as shipwrights. Two other sons moved to Dublin, also listed as shipwrights on the 1911 Census. I haven’t found any record of them on the west coast but thought you might like to know how the tradition carried through the generations. Lighthouse keeping goes back to my great great grandfather and carried through four generations. The shipwrights and keepers often crossed paths and that is how my great grandfather, a keeper, met my great grandmother, a shipwright’s daughter. I’m so proud of my family history.

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  • Paula, I’m an Irish lighthouse historian and always keen to hear tales of the old keepers. Who were your four generations of keepers? Dying to know! Pete Goulding

    By Peter Goulding (24/03/2023)

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