The Tall Man

This took place near Ballyheane, County Mayo

I was cycling to work in the early morning many years ago along a country road. I was running late so my mind was on nothing more than pedalling as fast as I could. It was a usual spring/summer morning with the sun just starting to shine out from under the clouds and the birds were whistling.

As I approached a minor road to my right, I remember the tall hedgerow that obscured most of the road, but something else caught my eye. A man, taller than the hedgerow was walking towards the junction where we would meet in seconds. I remember some details like his tall hat with a rim that ran all the way around. He work a dark coat with high collars that went as high as his ears. I did not make out any facial features. I watched him for a few seconds and as I approached the junction I took my eyes off him fully expecting us to meet.

However when I reached the junction he was gone, vanished. I remember just thinking “that was weird” but being late for work I thought little more of it until later, to this day I don’t know was it a trick of the early morning light or was it real.

Image by vectorpouch on Freepik

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