Ann Cresham

Samhain 2015: Creative writing

Samhain Participants: Ann Cresham and Mary McCombs.
Photographer: Henry Wills.
Ann Cresham presenting her work at the Samhain launch
Paul Sherwood

A double celebration

My brother and Samhain

Celebrated their birthdays together.

Did he come with the siogs

Or was it the puca?

Oh! We had a party for him!

Some ducking for apples,

Some snapping at apples

Some fortune telling

And, finally the barm brack

Dotted with candles


Ann Cresham


The boy in the hospital bed

The little boy lay in the bed in the hospital ward

He was in a coma

His mother rushed  out the corridor

Which smelt of lysol and polish.

The nuns on Temple Street glided serenely by

She was wearing a blue dress with white swallows on it

She rushed into the ward and over to her sons bedside

She leaned over to stroke his forehead

The blue dress with the white swallows seems to envelope the bed

Suddenly his eyes opened

He stared at the blue dress with the white swallows

After a few very long seconds he looked up at his mother’s face and said nice dress mam

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