May Eve Buttermaking & Flowers on roof/doorstep

Carlingford Co Louth

About this custom

Not sure whether this is a true tradition as we revived because of your website, however all the cubs of 8th Louth Slieve Foy Scouts in Carlingford Co Louth made fresh butter on May eve to give to their parents and decorated the greaseproof wrapping with yellow flowers. Three or four of the kids and a couple of the leaders also mentioned that the tradition in this area is to throw yellow may flowers onto the roof so we tried to put as many yellow flowers on roofs as we could reach but the doorsteps round the village were more accessible!

Where does this take place?

Carlingford Co Louth

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  • Being from Dowdallshill, north of Dundalk in Co Louth I remember gathering and throwing the “Yellow May Flower” on the roofs for 1st May. This was in the forties and fifties. I never knew how the custom started but interested to hear it was also done in Carlingford. I have heard it was not practiced in Drogheda.

    By Pat Murphy (28/08/2013)

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