Mayo’s Spirit of Place Project

Spirit of Place Installation Benwee Head, North Mayo
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Professor Travis Price’s Legacy

Founded during 1993 by American architect & educator Travis Price FAIA the Spirit of Place-Spirit of Design exploration programme has become a major environmental or cultural force.  The mission to preserve cultural wisdom in architecture is paramount.  For over twenty years ‘Spirit of Place ‘ have been invited by host countries project patrons to create a ‘legacy marker’ that would revitalize an unique aspect of historic celebrations within area.  That programme has resulted in a series of twenty-two award-winning projects constructed by students of the Catholic University of America in Washington D. C. under Professor Travis Price’s guidance.  All projects led students into an immersion of the mythology, history, culture also ecology of places as they reflected on an evocative space whilst they celebrated the unique cultural spirit of a specific site. [i]

Travis Price’s project of place-designed-built expeditions constructed a myriad of cultural legacy marker throughout the world in an astonishing nine days.  Areas of construction were undertaken in British Columbia, a floating house on the Amazon in Peru, a star-gazing temple on Machu Pichu.  A snake-shrine in Napal, a modern temple on Pantelleria Island in Italy, a shamanic haven of the Finnish Kavala Epic even pre-Celtic sacred retreats in western Ireland. [ii]

Mayo’s Installations

The Spirit of Place-Spirit of Design (founded in 1993) is an international design-built education Programme with a cultural exchange curriculum at the Catholic University of America in Washington D. C. with a brief in response to the poetic specific of the culture, mythology also the ecology of place.  These otherworldly art projects celebrated Irish stories with mythological understanding in a modern idiom.  They have featured in The Washington Post, New York Times also The National Geographic.  [iii]


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