Fr. Patrick Sheridan

PP Mayo Abbey

Rev Patrick Sheridan's Memorial Card
D Joyce, Author, Family Collection
Mayo Abbey Church
D Joyce, Author, Personal Photo
Plaques for Fr Patrick Sheridan and his nephew Fr John McGreal
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Uncle and Nephew laid to rest at the foot of the Altar in Mayo Abbey Church
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Interior of Mayo Abbey Church
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Fr. Patrick

Fr. Patrick Sheridan was born in Westport, Co Mayo and was the son of Patrick Sheridan who was a merchant on the Octogan and Bridget Horan from Louisburgh. He served as PP in Mayo Abbey 1870 – 1895. Fr. Patrick also had a brother Fr. Myles Sheridan who served as PP in Louisburgh. Before he passed away in 1895 at 70 years Fr. Patrick Sheridan had arranged for the building of a new school in his parish.

Father’s Will

Fr. Patrick’s Father died in 1847 and generously mentioned Patrick in his will.

“…I will & bequeath the sum of 40 ster(ling) to my eldest son, Myles Sheridan, although he has pleased me very much.  9th, I will & bequeath the sum of 50 to my son, Pat Sheridan, now a student in the Royal College of Maynooth to enable him to finish his studies should the said Pat not be ordained I will bequeath to him the third part of my dwelling house, Bank House & Store and after my wife’s death, these properties to be equally divided between the said Pat and my above named son, Denis, provided the said Pat returned to worldly pursuits.  10th, I will & bequeath the sum of 5 ster to Mrs. Cullen, the superioress of the Convent of Mercy.  11th, I hereby nominate & appoint my wife Bridget and my son Denis Sheridan as my residuary legalies.  12th, I hereby appoint & nominate my said wife Bridget and my son-in-law Dominick McGreal as my executors to carry this my last will & testament with executors.”

Signed by: Patt Sheridan

Mayo Abbey Schools

A new school was opened in Mayo Abbey in 1861, prior to that there were four local Hedge Schools in the Parish. The teacher of the new school was Pat Hughes. The PP and manager of the school was Rev. T Walters. When Rev. Walters passed away in 1870 his successor was Rev. Patrick Sheridan, who along with Archbishop Of Tuam, John McEvilly and a Martin Forde planned to build a newer school in the village.

The new school was built in 1894 but was not opened until 1896, due to a dispute about unpaid bills to the construction company and unfortunately Patrick Sheridan passed away due to ill health in 1895. It was a nephew of Fr. Patrick’s, Fr. John McGreal also from Westport who was the PP at the time of the opening of the New School.

Fr. Waters, Fr. Sheridan and Fr. McGreal are all buried in the Old Mayo Abbey Church, there are plaques there in their honour, this church is now disused but is in a very good condition.

N.B. Fr Patrick Sheridan was a Great, Great Grand Uncle of the Author, information shared is from the Sheridan/Lavelle/Beckett Family Collection

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  • This is wonderful history. I didn’t know there were three priests buried in the old church and the contributions that they made to Mayo Abbey were great. I would love to see a visitor centre or museum made out of this church as it’s such a historic place.

    By mary Boyle (05/01/2021)

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