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This man founded the Township of Westport Waunakee U. S. A.  The extended O’Malley family went on to become prosperous landowners and citizens in their new home place.


Michael was born during 1787 in Westport, Co. Mayo.  He was son of Patrick his mother was Mary, nee Staunton.  His Grandfather was also named Michael.  He emigrated to the U. S. with his brother John from Westport Port. [i]  They were the advanced O’Malley family members to the new land with the blessing of their father who furnished them with the means for their journey plus the knowledge they would be welcomed home if the new area was not to their liking.  The family according to this source consisted of; Thomas, John, Patrick, Ellen, Catherine, Michael, Martin, Dominick, Mary, Hannah, James who died as an infant, then a second James who later became a priest plus Joseph. [ii]


Michael O’Malley is credited with the settlement at Westport, east of Waunakee, on Lake Mendota’s north shore which is near Madison, Wisconsin. [iii] Interestingly a Shamrock features now on the Westport Government Logo.  [iv]  It was actually said that in the past ‘one could walk the distance from Waunakee to Madison and never leave an O’Malley land.’ (‘Waunakee and Westport’ by Katie Brenner 2012 Arcadia Publishing)

First Officials

During 1849 the town held its first meeting in Michael O’Malley’s home with the following officers elected; Supervisors – Michael O’Malley as Chairman, John Collins and Louis Montanda.  Town Clerk; Thomas O’Malley, Treasurer; Thomas Butts, Superintendent of Schools; I P. Tower,  Justices of the Peace; Amos Rodgers, Charles Clarkson, I. P. Tower, and Azariah Fay, Constables; Martin O’Malley and Milo Wells, Assessor; John Bradbury, Fence Viewers; Michael O’Malley, Laurence Rodgers, and Edward Boyles, Sealer of Weights; Thomas R. Hill. Mr Thomas Shillinglaw was the first Post Master plus his wife was the first Lady Justice of the Peace in Wisconsin. [v]

Interesting Aspects

In her book Katie Brenner includes many photos including one of Victor O’Malley delivering milk from his Fairview Dairy to East Street Waunakee, page 29 plus a photo of Martha Monks with Thomas O’Malley on page 30.  The Author E. L. Noyes was a land owner and business man in Westport Township.  The Poetess Ella Wheeler Wilcox was a resident in Westport Township; she used the nearby Post Office in Lester to forward her early works to publishers. [vi]  Cathy Kubly provides detailed information on other O’Malley family members also descendents. [vii]


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