The Mannion Clan of County Galway

Friday 29th August @ 9pm

Description of event

 As part of our contribution to Heritage Week 2014 Skehana & District Heritage Group will host a public presentation and lecture delivered by Dr. Joe Mannion entitled “The Mannion Clan of County Galway: Warriors, Chieftains, Kings”.  

The intriguing but little-known history of one of Ireland’s oldest families will be charted during the course of this talk using medieval Gaelic sources where a clear picture emerges of the early Celtic roots of the Ó’Mainnín or Mannion clan, and of their customary role as warrior kings and chieftains over the extensive territories of the Sogain people of East Galway.  

We are privileged to welcome Dr. Joe Mannion to deliver this lecture as the foremost authority on this subject. Joe, himself a retired Principal Teacher, holds a PhD in history from NUI Galway and he has studied and written extensively on the history of numerous areas and other subjects in County Galway and beyond. As he was born in the nearby Ryehill townland it is most appropriate for us to have a local expert speak on this topic. This lecture is more than just a history of the Ó’Mainnín’s as it covers an ancient history of this general area for hundreds of years where the Ó’Mainnín presence played a central role. So for members of the Mannion Clan, current or former residents of this locality or enthusiasts from much further afield this promises to be a most informative and educational evening. 

This is an open invitation to you to attend this free-entry event and we look forward to welcoming you and any friends or relations that you may wish to invite to Menlough Community Centre.


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