Inspector Granny Morse: Commended Online Entry 3rd/4th class category

In my grandparent's time.....

Granny teaches me some words in Morse Code
Monica Sullivan
Learning Morse Code from Granny after school
Monica Sullivan

. . . _ _ _ …Inspector Granny Morse …_ _ _ …

Granny at Home

My granny is fantastic.  She is 88 years old and her name is Teresa Sullivan.

She was born in a place called Ardfarna, Bundoran in Co. Donegal.  My granda Hugh always joked with her that she was from Co. Leitrim and not Donegal. I think it is very close to both counties.

She was raised in a very small house, on a small farm, in the countryside, with 5 other girls and two boys. She is the youngest of them all, like my Mammy and I.

Granny at Work

Granny told me all about her work in the post offices in Donegal. She worked in different ones. She worked in Carndonagh, Buncrana for a short time and in Donegal as well.  She had lots of jobs to do, but the one I love to hear about most is when she worked at telegraphy. She sent and received telegrams. She said it was mostly weddings and deaths.  She used the Morse Code, which is a small machine that you tap as either a dot or a dash. She has taught me the alphabet, but I do not have it learned off by heart like her.

Sending a message

The funny thing is granny heard my Mum’s mobile phone ringing the other day and said “who is that sending SMS?” which was . . . – – . . .

It was the ring tone when someone left a message. Most phones ring this message. Listen to yours and see if you can hear the Morse Code. It is very much like S.O.S. the emergency call. Save Our Souls which is . . . – – – . . .

This is really great stuff to learn.

She would love to teach it to others.

She forgets things a lot but she has not forgotten even one Morse code

letter of the alphabet. She is great at it.

I know how to do my name and a few other things.

She would be great at sending secret codes, or smoke signals if we were out in the woods.  I love my granny. Don’t you? She’s super cool and smart.

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