Setting up a Community Archive

Things to consider

The Irish Community Archive Network (iCAN) aims to promote access to local and national heritage across the island of Ireland.

Anyone can contribute to this site but if your community would like to develop a website dedicated to your area or specialist interest and you would like to join our network, you will need to consider the following:

Have a Plan

Decide what type of heritage and historic material you want to include. Are there existing collections available which are already digitised? Do you intend to collect new material?

You do not need to have a physical archive of material for a Community Archive. Members of your community can lend their photographs and documents and once they have been scanned they can be returned to their owner.

Get Organised

You will need a core group of volunteers who will get involved and commit their time. Volunteers will be needed to source and organise material, scan (digitise) images and documents and to act as editors for the website. Don't worry about IT experience - it's easy to learn!

Be Realistic about Funding  

There are costs involved in setting up a website in the Our Irish Heritage network. Contact us for information and advice on sources of funding.

More Information

To find out more on Community Archives and to see archives from across Ireland and the UK visit

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